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Technology and Systems Integration

SI Model

Technology drives business transformation more than ever today and integrating technology systems for effective decision-making can create a competitive advantage for your business. As integration is vital for business growth, many executives feel that Systems Integration (SI) is of concern when it comes to technology because of its many facets. Often, technology integrations are not …

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Worldgate’s Business Process Redesign Services


Worldgate’s consultants have their own specific methodology for dealing with Business Process Redesign (BPR). This methodology has been developed through decades of combined experience working with clients. Worldgate’s methodology first identifies the three essential elements for any engagement: People, Technology, and Processes. These elements together contribute to Strategic Information, the most important variable in the …

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Technology in the Classroom (Video)

Governor Schwarzenegger ‘s initiative in California is a step in the right direction and only one example of the many innovative uses of digital textbooks in K-12 around the country. However we are saddened to read in this article that many school struggle “to find the money to build the infrastructure….

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