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Data-Driven Decision Making is Changing the Way School Districts Function

The push towards data-driven decision making is changing the way school districts function. A recent article in the Urban Educator about research on data linked to student achievement reflects on this movement. The article affirms that a significant increase in data availability in recent years provides educators the op¬portunity to base decisions about academic instruction …

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Data Warehousing explained.

A Data Warehouse (DW) on the other end, is a database… that is designed for facilitating querying and analysis. Often designed as OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) systems, these databases contain read-only data that can be queried and analyzed far more efficiently as compared to your regular OLTP application databases. In this sense an OLAP system is designed …

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Being Smart With StudentSmart


StudentSmart will provide a scalable design to satisfy both near and long term data warehousing requirements… This solution will support multiple years of data and is scalable up to thousands of concurrent users via the Intranet/Internet. Users can be assigned roles and access must run through security layers. Learn what StudentSmart can do for you. It’s …

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