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Worldgate in the Education Space

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Every day there are news items in the media about the U.S. education system, if it needs reform, or any other change and how to go about it. One thing that is inevitable is the global drive to use technology in all organizations, educational organizations included. The push towards data-driven decision-making is changing the way …

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Improving School Performance


E-School News has put together this collection of stories from its archives that we would like to share with our blog readers so they can read about how data is being used to improve operations throughout school districts around the country. At Worldgate, we witness everyday how quality data analysis and reporting benefits a school …

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Education Reform in the News and Worldgate

Education reform is an ongoing process that we all–we here at Worldgate included–believe is of utmost importance. No matter what our opinions on the effects of her policies and whether they will work, Michelle Rhee’s resignation yesterday will surely have a significant impact on education reform in this country. You can read the official statement …

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