Worldgate Announces COSTARS 6 Software Supplier Contract

Worldgate, llc is proud to announce that it has been awarded a Pennsylvania COSTARS-6 Software Contract. This status allows member state organizations to purchase software directly from Worldgate without competitive bid. We will be partnering with DataBlocs to supply PA COSTARS purchasers with data warehousing software as well as ancillary services. You can find us, along with 6,000 other COSTARS members on the PA Market Place where you can browse our products and learn how we are a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) established in Philadelphia.

To find out more visit

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Training services

We’ve mentioned our Professional Services suite on our blog, but what do the names of all of those services really mean? Today we want to talk about one in particular: Training.

Training can encompass any number of business processes, from integrating change management to roll-outs of software applications.

We begin with Learning, whether it’s an application, a process change, or material.  Learning means:

  • Interviews
  • System Usage
  • Studies

Whatever is necessary to become an expert, Worldgate will do it.
Worldgate’s experienced technical writers then focus on creating guides using our detailed standards and practices for designing, creating, and delivering training guides. The Guide process includes:

  • Introduction and Context
  • Screenshots
  • Blue Bubble Notes (for direction and commentary)
  • Padlock
  • Step-by-step instruction

Presentation is the next vital step. There are two important steps in our process:

  • Content – From where does the new application come?  Why is it being implemented?  Who created it?  When will it be in use?  Whom does it affect?
  • Technical – Demonstration actual usage of the system

Later in the Training process are Classes and Support, which are equally important. This is just a glimpse into Worldgate’s repeatable, cyclical training  methods. It’s one thing to have all the information about a new system dumped on the user in a classroom, but it’s altogether more helpful to have a hands-on approach to learning with the undivided support of an experienced trainer.

We are always ready and willing to discuss possibilities for helping your organization achieve maximum efficiency using our Training services. Please contact us at or visit our website for more. We are at your service

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CGCS CIO Conference in Denver

Denver, CO

We just got back from an exciting trip to Denver, Colorado for the annual CIO Conference organized by the Council of the Great City Schools. The excursion was extremely productive and now we have come back to our corporate headquarters fired up about what we have learned and new ways we can support our customers.

It was great to see so many CIOs from around the country turn out in the Rocky Mountain time zone, and we met many members of the Council–there are rumored to be upwards of 65 school district members. We also learned a great deal of valuable information from industry experts concerning 2011 e-rate rules and regulations.

One great aspect of the event was the opportunity to hear from various districts about their data warehousing experiences and being able to share our experiences as well.  We look forward to reconnecting with these districts on a one-on-one or team basis in the future.

Congratulations on an amazing event and continued success to the Council of Great City Schools!

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