Worldgate’s Experience with Production Support

A business’s critical operations need end-to-end applications support. In Worldgate’s experience, how to manage these applications calls for considerable care and thoughtfulness. Poorly managed applications support may ultimately cost too much in financial, staffing and equipment resources.

Worldgate mitigates these costs for our clients by a large margin thanks to our experience with:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Application Implementation Support
  • Analysis for Performance Improvements
  • Performance Trend Statistics
  • Remote Administration
  • Change Management
All of these types of services give businesses fast, flexible options for driving down costs, improving ROI, enhancing IT performance and refocusing resources to maximize value.


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Training: A Vital Element of Change Management


Today’s evolving technology requires business environments to undergo constant changes. As change can be difficult, successful adaptation to change is crucial to the success of any organization. It’s common practice for organizations to focus their attention on creating strategic and tactical plans, while failing to consider the human side of change management. Not addressing the human side of change can be detrimental.

According to the Technology Association of Georgia, there are five best practices you can implement to create a solid foundation for successful change. A key element included on this list that addresses the human side of change management is training.

Studies show that a lack of proper training can be a key hindrance to organizational change. Here at Worldgate, we believe that training is a vital element to the success of an organization’s project initiatives. We employ a four phase process to effectively train organizational users to ensure successful organizational change. From new business processes to integrating change management to new technology roll-outs, our training consultants are equipped with proven training methodologies to ensure success.

Our four training phases include:

  • Analyze: Identify the training audience groups
  • Design and Develop: Training curriculum & content
  • Implement: Train
  • Evaluate and Support: Measure the effectiveness and modify to incorporate lessons learned

Our training model helps to provide quality development for our clients. To learn more, contact our sales team today –


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Worldgate Announces Expansion to the Atlanta Market

Home to over 13,000 technology companies that employ more than 250,000 people, Georgia is one of the fastest growing states for technology and offers an incredible growth opportunity.

Check out this great video from Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) on why tech companies thrive in Georgia.

Worldgate is excited to announce a geographic expansion to the Atlanta market through our 2013 growth initiative. Kandy Martin, our Vice President of Client Services, will lead Worldgate’s strategic focus on positioning our footprint in this developing region.

We are thrilled to be among an esteemed group of companies that plan to bring high-skilled jobs to the Atlanta metro area in 2013.

Contact us to today ( to learn on how Worldgate can help grow your Atlanta-based business.



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