Successful Business Through Successful Acquisition.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, Worldgate delivers the right talent to help IT organizations exceed their business goals. Whether for a short-term project, or higher level consulting services to effectively launch a major technology initiative – Worldgate can effectively deliver.

We have implemented a successful acquisition model that can be found here. Using our 3 stage recruitment strategy: Identify, Evaluate, and Propose, we can implement the recruitment strategy to acquire the right candidate to match the specific opportunity. Our strategy is easily repeatable and can be customized to fit the requirements and scope of the opportunity.

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Worldgate Is Proud to Announce Being Awarded: ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Effective January 2012 Worldgate became ISO 9001:2008 certified ISO_Certificate

Earlier this year Worldgate was certified as compliant through a rigorous process of formalizing its’ internal processes. Worldgate has and continues to improve all facets of the business to run effectively and be a richer place for our employees and effective vendor for our clients. As a result we believe the following is true about our proven capabilities:

  • Competitive advantage. Ensures that our senior management takes a strategic approach to their management systems.
  • Improves business performance and manages business risk. ISO 9001 helps our managers to raise the organization’s performance above and beyond competitors who aren’t using management systems.
  • Attracts investment, enhances brand reputation and removes barriers to trade. Worldgate now sends a clear message to all interested parties that this is a company committed to high standards and continual improvement.
  • Streamlines operations and reduces waste. The assessment of our quality management system focuses on operating processes. This encourages our organization to improve the quality of products and the service provided and helps to reduce waste and customer complaints.
  • Encourages internal communication and raises morale. ISO 9001 ensures that our employees feel more involved through improved communication. Continued Assessment visits can highlight any skills shortages sooner and uncover any teamwork issues before the impact the customer or the bottom line of a project.
  • Increases customer satisfaction. The ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ structure of ISO 9001 ensures that the needs of our customers are being considered and met.

We appreciated working with BSI for our accreditation and look forward to continually improving our processes for the betterment of all our customers. Please watch for our new website and press releases about all we can do for our customers, schools districts and the community as a result of effective leadership through ISO 9001:2008.

Congratulations Worldgate!

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Customized Solution. Delivered.

The StudentSmart Data Model, powered by DataBlocs, has evolved as a result of engagements at several state education departments and local school districts and currently includes 14 subject areas, more than 150 entities, and more than 1000 attributes. Some of the Subject Areas included in our model are:

  • District
  • School
  • Student
  • Staff/Human Resources
  • Curriculum (Course and Grades)
  • Tests and Achievements
  • Programs and Services
  • Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • Food Services
  • Grants
  • Finance

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