Welcome Leon Hawes

The Worldgate team is pleased to announce that Leon Hawes joins our team as a Business Analyst. He will help drive Worldgate’s projects to be completed on time and within budget. Leon’s ability to merge customer data with business requirements, budgetary restrictions and logistical considerations will produce successful project deliverables.


Leon’s proficiency between business and technical areas will be fundamental to our client in Philadelphia. His knowledge and drive for success makes him valuable asset to Worldgate and our clients.


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Reasons that IT Staffing Firms Stagnate – Part I: Leadership Extremes

Akken.com recently released an article listing the top reasons that IT staffing firms stagnate. As an IT consulting company, this topic caught our eye. We thought it would be interesting to do a three part series comparing Worldgate’s processes to Dan Fisher’s three denominators that inhibit the growth of IT staffing firms.

Part I – Inhibitor to Growth-Leadership Extremes:

According to Fisher, most IT staffing firms take either a “do it all,” or a “hands off” approach to leadership. In the article, he does a fantastic job explaining each of these styles, which we’ve outlined below.

The “do it all leadership” refers to the sales superstars who know how to get things done. They’re good, but the problem with this type of leadership is that you can’t scale and grow your business this way. It doesn’t matter how great of a sales person you are, one person can only bring in so much revenue, close so many deals and work so many hours. In order to scale your company you have to develop your people. You have to groom them to become what you already are.

The “hands off leadership” occurs when firms struggle with the challenge of holding people accountable. When people are not held accountable, settling for second place and mediocrity become acceptable. If this behavior goes on long enough, it becomes the culture of your organization. Lack of accountability often begins with unclear or poorly defined performance expectations.

Worldgate understands in order for our company to prosper, we must deviate from norm of both leadership extremes. We proudly value leadership within our corporation. As a result, we have a team in place who’s held accountable for the culture of our organization. Our mentors successfully develop and groom our consultants to become valuable assets to Worldgate and our clients.

Check out this link to learn more about our leadership team: Worldgate’s LeadershipTeam

Stay tuned for part II and III of this series, where we compare the following inhibitors to growth: no formal employee training and no formal sales process.


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Education Rate (E-Rate) Consulting

Did you know that Worldgate offers Education Rate (E-Rate) Consulting? Our support with the Chester Upland School District in Chester, PA has given us the experience to assist schools in the employment of the E-Rate program.

As part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, E-rate is a federal program that allows school districts and libraries to apply for discounts on telecommunication services and advanced telecommunications products and services. The main categories that are eligible for funding include: Telecom Services, Internet Access, Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections. Under the E-rate program, school districts can receive E-rate discounts on these services, based on the poverty level reported under the NSLP program.

Due to the complexity of the E-rate program, the process of applying and monitoring E-rate can be a daunting task. Worldgate’s experience working with E-rate helps guide school districts through the maze of paperwork and compliance while providing piece of mind.

Call us today for more information on how Worldgate can help your school district.


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