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Creating a Vision For New Business Processes

Business Process Improvement relies on the practice of new and continuous process changes. In the extreme, BPI assumes the current process is irrelevant – it doesn’t work, start over. A clean slate perspective enables the designers of the business process to disassociate themselves from the current process, and focus on a new process. Worldgate’s high-level approach to overall process management begins with defining the scope and objectives of your project. The next step is a knowledge acquisition process involving your customers, employees, competitive environment and technologies. Given this knowledge base, you can create a vision for the future and design new business processes.


Worldgate offers customized system integration services for all phases of a process lifecycle. We enable our clients to complete challenging business initiatives while delivering integrated solutions that provide measured value and are compatible with their infrastructure.  Our Systems Integration model is delivered around an identified solution and we work face-to-face with our clients throughout our 4 phases of integration.

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