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Top 10 Technology Priorities in 2013

Gartner recently conducted a survey of 2,053 CIOs, asking them what will be the Top 10 technology priorities in 2013. According to the below list, Analytics/Business Intelligence (BI) ranks first and ERP applications wrap up the results.

Did you know that Worldgate specializes in several of these categories? Our consultants can help businesses maximize success through a combination of our experts, methodologies, tools, strategic partners and a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. From analytical tools to ERP integration, Worldgate delivers with a high degree of consistency.

Top 10 CIO technology priorities in 2013:

1. Analytics and business intelligence

2. Mobile technologies

3. Cloud computing

4. Collaboration technologies

5. Legacy modernization

6. IT management

7. CRM

8. Virtualization

9. Security

10. ERP Applications

Together with our partners, Worldgate has a solution to address the #1 priority, analytics and BI. Worldgate successfully implements a data warehouse and BI solution that is the answer to the data reporting needs of a CIO and their organization. Our solution delivers interactive reports on a rich set of pre-built performance indicators, using the latest BI technology accessible through a web-based application portal.

Highlighting #10 on the list, ERP applications have been known to be one of the most challenging priorities for CIOs. Worldgate consultants are equipped to complement clients’ strategic ERP initiatives with strong talent and niche services. Whether embarking on a new ERP implementation, upgrade or consolidation, Worldgate understands the unique resource needs of the enterprise system landscape.

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