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Worldgate’s Effective Four Phase Training Model

When evaluating your training processes, ask yourself the following questions: Does your training program account for new challenges? Does your training program include solutions on how to overcome the never ending challenges that your team faces on a daily basis? What have you done with your strategy and approach to keep up with these changes? How are you teaching this to your team? How do you know its working?

Worldgate believes that training is a vital element to the success of our organization. We’re committed to the professional development of all our employees in order to provide the highest value we can to our clients. We recognize that as new challenges present themselves, new training programs must be implemented to meet the educational needs of our team members.

In order to provide quality development, Worldgate employs an effective four phase training model that has continually shown to be useful and educational. Our four training phases include:

    • Analyze: Identify the training audience groups
    • Design and Develop: The Training Curriculum and Training Content
    • Implement: Train
    • Evaluate: Measure the Effectiveness (modify to incorporate lessons learned and to stress any critical functional areas

Our training model helps to successfully develop and groom our consultants to become valuable assets to Worldgate and our clients.


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