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Worldgate’s Focus on Training

Worldgate is a woman-owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified business and IT consulting firm helping clients deliver on their most strategic enterprise initiatives. One of the services in which we offer to our clients in Systems Integration Consulting is training.

Worldgate offers hands-on, personal training to ensure clients fully understand the new systems. Once a Worldgate client completes their training program, our trainers distribute a “Training Retention Evaluation”. This evaluation consists of several questions specifically tailored to each training engagement. Our trainers will grade the evaluation and review results with the client. These interactive, one-on-one sessions are the key to driving home all of the disseminated training material.

It’s one thing to have all of the information about a new system dumped on the client in a classroom, but it’s altogether more helpful to have a hands-on approach to learning with the undivided support of an experienced consultant. Worldgate can provide that support to assure that our clients are satisfied and a more knowledgeable of the new systems implemented within their organization.

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