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Educational Analytics

We’ve come across an article posted on www.edweek.org, breaking down what educational analytics exactly is and how can change educational institutions for the future.

Everyone is talking about analytics applied to education and how “big data” can (will?) transform many aspects of our educational institutions. And for those of us passionate about improving opportunities for learning, the phrase “learning analytics” is particularly intriguing.

So what do we mean by “learning analytics”? In short, it’s “the use of data and models to predict student progress and performance, and the ability to act on that information… Learning analytics overlaps with the somewhat broader phrase “academic analytics,” which encompasses other institutional bodies of data such as enrollments, graduation rates, and institutional outcomes tracking. A combination of learning analytics and academic analytics can provide an environment where administrators, advisors, faculty, and the students themselves have the data visualization tools they need for learner success.

Read more about what these authors had to say about educational analytics and how it can benefit our children’s future here.







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