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Thinking of Leadership Development

Think about the leaders of your organization today…

Now think about who will lead your organization in 5 years…10 years?

Great! You have already committed time and begun the process to asses your organization’s leadership development.

Leadership development is as essential to the longevity of an organization as the bricks laid to support a sturdy foundation. Committing to professional development for employees is an investment taken by the leadership of an organization and can result in major returns on investment. Committing to leadership development takes time and often commands a change in organizational culture.

As our Director of Strategic Business Transformation Services, Ms. Gretchen Krampf, MSOD, PCC, has facilitated relationships with our clients by helping executives perform organization analysis, strategic planning, develop leadership management programs and process orientations. Gretchen’s team achieves success by way of a systems thinking approach which includes best practices, business process redesign, facilitation, change management, and customized training modalities to reach organizational and human resource goals.

Worldgate’s leadership development and business transformation success lies in overall organizational development with a focus on the holistic systems and the people within. The ultimate goal is to create a catalyst for positive, proactive change for individuals wanting to lead change in an organization. Methodologies vary with organizations, but commonly include assessments on leadership style, communication skills, increasing emotional awareness and guiding teams to higher levels of engagement.

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